Die Cutting

Die cutting is a process that allows cutting of a specific shape or design into the material of your choosing. It is used most commonly in metalworking and can also be used with paper or plastic. Custom dies can be created to match almost any specification to ensure precise and accurate cutting. So whether you need custom shaped labels or overlays for control panels let the experts at ANSAP provide you with quality custom die cutting.


Embroidery is the process of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. Embroidery is most often used on caps, hats, coats, blankets, dress shirts, denim, stockings, and golf shirts. Embroidery is available with a wide variety of thread or yarn color. Such contemporary embroidery is stitched with a computerized embroidery machine using patterns “digitized” with embroidery software. Machine embroidery is used to add logos and monograms to business shirts or jackets, gifts, and team apparel as well as to decorate household linens, draperies, and decorator fabrics that mimic the elaborate hand embroidery of the past.


Whatever the industry, environment or application engraving can be very valuable. Whether you need identification tags for your equipment or an overlay for your control panel let the experts at ANSAP help you in manufacturing the product you desire. Engraving consists of a process that involves the practice of incising a design on to either a rough or smooth, flat or curved surface. One can either rotary or laser engrave their text, graphics, or logos on majority of materials including but not limited to plastic, brass, metal, stainless steel and much more.


Etching can traditionally be done via two ways, chemical or laser etching. Chemical etching requires masking wanted areas of your material with acid resistant material then allowing the unmasked area to be dissolved away by the acid. Laser etching consists of using lasers to cut into the unprotected parts of the material’s surface to create a your text or design in the material. So whatever the industry, whatever the environment, etching can be very valuable and tailor made to fit your identification needs. Whether you need identification tags for your equipment or an overlay for your control panel let the experts at ANSAP help you in manufacturing the product you desire.


MetalPhoto is used for durable, legible labels, nameplates, signs and panels made to withstand normal to harsh environments. The MetalPhoto process allows the work-piece to be impermeable to heat, chemicals and UV light making it very resilient. MetalPhoto meets an extensive variety of government, military and commercial specifications. So when you need a product  that has to be legible at all times, and also withstand exposure to harsh weather, heat, chemicals, or abrasion; let ANSAP ease your mind and provide you with the exact product you desire.

Screen Printing

Screen printing allows you to imprint your design or on practically any substrate. It can be used in almost any industry with various applications.  It consists of a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that allows the transfer of ink or other printable materials that can be pressed though the mesh using a squeegee or roller onto printable materials. At ANSAP we specialize in custom screen-printing on a wide variety or substrates, from different metals and plastics to t-shirts and chloroplast. So whether you need labels or decals, t-shirts or signs, ANSAP can provide you with high quality durable silkscreen products.


Sublimation is a process that employs a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric. Many consumer and professional sublimation printers are designed and used for producing photographic prints, ID cards, and so on. So whether you need to mass produce pictures on a mug or create colored plaques, let the experts at ANSAP assist you with all your sublimation needs!

Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl cutting allows you customize your equipment, businesses and machinery with graphics and logos at a very efficient cost. A vinyl cutter is a type of computer-controlled machine. The computer graphic software sends instructions to the machine, which controls the movement of the sharp blade. This blade is used to cut out shapes and letters from sheets of thin self-adhesive plastic (vinyl).  At ANSAP, using out state of the art vinyl cutters and digital printers, we can cut almost any configuration or design.